Solid Rock All Natural Deodorant

$6.00 $12.99

Our all natural deodorant is the last you'll ever have to buy. We use effective plant based ingridents that neutralize the bad bacteria that cause odor and help minimize wetness. Our deodorants are all aluminium and baking soda free and are perfect for sensitive skin but though enough keep you smelling amazing. Our deodorant comes in a 3 oz bio degradeable push up tube and is available in 3 custom scents and one un scented version.

Peach Patchouli is a gorgeous warm spicy peach scent that comes for the combination of sweet peach natural fragrance and pure dark patchouli essential oil. This matches our Southern Comfort bath and body collection.

Lavender Sage combines aromatic lavender essential oil and earthy sage. 

Bare is pure with no scent or essential oils at all. It is perfect for those with very sensitive skin, perfer or un scented deodorant. 

All of our deodorants are gentle yet effectife enough to use any where you want to controll odor.